World of Warcraft: What to Do in Arena and Battleground PvP Situations

In World of Warcraft, player versus player is a type of combat that almost everyone loves to engage in. It gives them a chance to truly try out their abilities. If you’re playing against other players in the arena or in a battleground, your real skills are going to shine, and all other odds are even. These are some of the most intense situations, as well, because you never know when the other player will strike, and you have much less control against the other players as you’re used to having with the computer-powered aggro and mobs.
When it comes to fighting in the arena, it’s not really that important how you play it. It’s mainly just for fun and some quick testing out of your abilities and new weapons or gear. Every player is an enemy in the arena, with the exception of groups that you may create before entering the arena, to help take down other enemies that are causing problems, or to have a healer, dps, tank, and whatever else you might find necessary.

While in the arena, just go for kills, or heals, or whatever else you find suitable. It’s for fun and practice. Get used to your character here before you head out and start doing player versus player battlegrounds. Possibly try dueling a few people outside the arena. Get in some practice with head to head and ganging up pvp both. Learn how to handle situations where you’re outnumbered. Learn how to handle situations with an opponet running from you. Get all of this stuff down before entering the battlegrounds so that you can have the majority of the content already covered and can help your team the best.

Before you even enter the battlegrounds, you should have some general knowledge as to how to pvp and group pvp. You should gear yourself for the best possibly efficiency while in the battleground. Make sure you’re speced and geared for pvp, and ready for some intense faction to faction action!

If you’re able to use a mount in the battlegrounds, make sure to use it. However, if you’re playing in a battleground like warsong gulch, make sure to note that you cannot mount while carrying the flag and continue carrying it. If a player attempts to mount while carrying the flag, it will be lost and returned to the holding team.

If you’re playing arathi basin, remember that some people are going to need to help hold the bases, and some are going to need to help attack the other bases. Rogues and a healer seem to work quite effectively for holding the bases, because people will go for the healers assuming no one else is around, and the rogues can murder pretty fast. If the healers are druids, the combination is even more lethal.

Warriors have to be one of the best classes for capturing the bases, as well as paladins. They both have exceptional armor and health, and can do some decent damage. With a good healer or two to back them up, they’re nearly impossible to take down. Make sure to keep your healers safe, and take some hits, then steal the base!